These sword company logos were collected by Chris Bowen (used with his permission) from advertisements placed in war era sword publications. The following logos were used by various sword shops, koshirae makers, and gunto factories during WW II. These marks have been found on stickers on war era iai-to, and sometimes on gunto koshirae. Some of these logos belonged to sword shops that merely sold gunto; they didn't manufacture them themselves.

Shirakiya Guntobu

Located in Tokyo. They provided koshirae for gunto, and claimed in their ad that their swords would absolutely beat the English and American forces.

Seki Hyaku Tan Sha Token Sei Saku Jo

This company was located in Seki city. They offered a complete line of services, including old blades, newly made gunto, polishing, and koshirae. They also made gunto.

Kamikodo Tokenya

This shop was located in Tokyo. They offered kodogu, polishing, and provided gunto koshirae. The shop was run by Okuda Masami, a member of the well-known Butoku Kai and a kendo sensei.

Shokendo Guntoya

Located in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture. Offered blades, army and navy gunto, polishing, shirasaya, tsukamaki, repairs, etc.
Owned by Mr. Yamaguchi.

Gunto Sei Saku Jo

Located in Tokyo. The company was owned by Mr. Matsuyama. This firm made koshirae for both army and navy, as well as koshirae for police, diplomatic, and ceremonial uses.

Sugimoto Tokenya

Located in Tokyo. Provided gunto, various sword related services. They mention in their ad that they carry an alumite gunto saya koshirae.

Yamamoto Guntoya

Located in Tokyo. This company provided gunto for the war effort.

Nakano Shoten

Located in Tokyo. This company was owned by Mr. Nakano. In addition to Tokyo, the company had shops in China. The company provided a full range of koshirae.

Suya Sho Ten

Located in Tokyo. This company was used by the Suikosha, or Navy Supply Center. The company made gunto koshirae. The owner of the company was Mr. Shimada. This company started back in the Meiji era and had a long history of making koshirae, including those for members of the Imperial family and many high ranking officers and diplomats.

This mark was used by a shop in Aizu Wakamatsu owned by Mr. Ozawa. The shop offered gunto koshirae, shirasaya, and togi services.

Tsunemitsu Kosaku Jo

Located in Kofu city, Yamanashi Prefecture. They manufactured koshirae, and had a long history of making sword related items.

Noshu Nihonto Tanrenjo

Located in Seki city. The company was owned by Mr. Hara. The company made both tradtionally made swords and sunobe gunto. They also manufactured army and navy koshirae, offered repairing and polishing, and shirasaya.

Wakasei Seisaku Jo

Located in Tokyo. They made army and navy koshirae. They won a Minister of the Navy Award in the koshirae section of the Shinsaku Tenrankai.

Shoheikan Gunso Kabushiki Gaisha

This company made army and navy koshirae. They also advertise a wood saya gunto koshirae. The company was located in Tokyo and owned by Mr. Saito.

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