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NOTE: the following sites are in Japanese. Sites about swords, tsuba and commercial sites are represented. They require a Japanese language capable browser or a Kanji/Hiragana character converter such as NJWin otherwise you will only get garbled nonsense on your screen. Download NJWin from their web site.

HELPFUL HINT: Entire pages or selected text from these sites can be translated into English
by various online translation engines. The translations are a bit awkward but the material is readable.

DISCLAIMER: The sites linked below are provided solely as a convenience. The accuracy of the information contained on these sites has not been verified. Most sites try to provide accurate information; however, translation difficulties and various levels of knowledge by the writers play a significant role in the accuracy of the information contained on these sites. This is true for all sites on the Internet - in all subject areas.

This site does not endorse any site or product listed therein.

Japanese Sites

Token Sibata a respected firm that sells swords, tsuba, kodogu and books.

Kurashiki Japanese Art Sword Museum - pretty much the name says it all.

Tsuruginoya.com - Myoga-san offers Nihonto, tsuba and kodogu for sale.

Japan Sword Co, Ltd - sells fine swords, fittings, tsuba and other Nihonto related items.

Token Net - high end swords and kodogu for sale.

Nihon Bushido Token Denno Kurabu - Swords and kodogu for sale, online auction, message board and chat line. Site has an English index.

Token Sugita sells swords, tsuba and fittings. Offers kantei and restoration services.

Sugar's Home - swords and sword fittings.

Seikeido swords and tsuba for purchase.

Ando Trading Company has numerous swords for sale.

Iida Koendo's Sword Shop This is a commercial site offering Japanese swords.

Kaiyoudo's site has info on Kyoto and on Nihonto and sword making.

Around The World
The following links are to non-English language Japanese sword sites.

Jaapani Tera Hoduleht - info on Japanese swords, sword forgeries and more. (Site is in Estonian)

Japanese Sword has introductory material on Japanese swords.
(Site is in Polish)

Strebel Juwelier sells Nihonto and tsuba and other Asian art.
Javascript required (Site is in German).

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