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All sword collectors and students of the sword suffer from variants of the same disease :-) and often are interested in a variety of types of swords; therefore, some non-Japanese sword site links that offer good educational information or sword identification guides have been included. Some of these sites are commercial in nature, offering a variety of swords for sale.

DISCLAIMER: The sites linked below are provided solely as a convenience. The accuracy of the information contained on these sites has not been verified. Most sites try to provide accurate information; however, translation difficulties and various levels of knowledge by the writers play a significant role in the accuracy of the information contained on these sites. This is true for all sites on the Internet - in all subject areas.

This site does not endorse any site or product listed therein.


Medieval Swords - extremely well researched site with lots of articles and information on medieval European swords and methods of blade forging. Also has a discussion forum for medieval swords.
The premier site for medieval sword study.

sword Ethnographic Swords - well researched articles on many types of swords from various world cultures, methods of blade forging and more. This site also has a discussion forum for ethnographic weapons. The premier site for the study of swords of various world cultures.

Sword-Site - discussion board for swords of the world operated by Bill Blake.

US Civil War Swords - great article and identification guide (with photos) by Mike McWatters on United States Civil War Swords at The Sword Collector.

The Sword Collector - information on a variety of types of swords as well as general information on sword care and sword collecting. Sword discussion forum and classifieds

Old-Smithy - excellent information on bayonets from around the world.

Old Swords.com - information site dealing mainly with European and American swords. Registration required

Dha Research Index - all about styles and history of Dha, the national sword of Burma.

The Achenese Peudeueng - by John Crosby about the long sword of Aceh, Sumatra.

Civil War swords at Antiqueguns.com - identification guide for United States Civil War period swords

Federico's Moro Swords features pictorial examples of Moro Kris as well as page on forging the Kris.

Malay World Edged Weapons - kris / keris, swords, spears from the Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia. Good identification info. (France).

Blades-UK Forums - variety of online forums in message board format for many types of edged weapons.

German Daggers - good reference site for German knives of the WW II period.

European Swords articles on several types of European swords. (Belgium)

Thomas Chen's website on ancient Chinese swords of the last two millenia.

Oakeshott Institute - dedicated to the study, documentation and preservation of European swords.

Medieval Sword Types based on the work of Ewart Oakeshott. (Sweden)

Rapiers - history and types medieval rapiers.

Sword Motions and Impacts by George Turner. Detailed analysis of the mechanics of the sword.

Dutch swords and weapons from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age.

Russian Sabers - extensive site with graphics of types and history of Russian sabers.

Thai Weapons - historical weapons, swords and knives, of Thailand.

African Weapons - devoted to the study of the edged weapons of the African continent.

History of Klingenthal Swords - a brief article tracing the history of the French sword manufacturer. (Belgium)

Articles on history and technical aspects of pattern welded "damascus" steels

Blade Patterns Intrinsic to Steel Edged Weapons - excellent article on all types of pattern welded steels

The Role of Impurities in Ancient Damascus Steel Blades - technical article on damascus metallurgy.

Damascus Steel - Article on production and properties of damascus steel.


Paragon Books has a good selection of books on the Japanese sword and on Asian, Middle Eastern and Indian weapons, art and artifacts.


Many of these sites also sell Japanese swords.

Therion Arms Hal Siegel has swords, daggers, spears, armor and more from the world over.
Also good informational site and lots of links.

Lion Gate - large variety of swords from all over the world for sale

Oriental Arms - Antique edged weapons from Africa, Asia, Middle East and the Pacific Islands. (Israel)

Frederick's Swords one of the oldest established dealers of all types of antique swords in the US

Jon's Swords - swords, US and foreign, for sale including a selection of Japanese swords for sale

Ron Ruble - sells swords and antique weapons of all eras and countries.

Russian Swords deals in Russian antique swords, daggers and other militaria.

Antique Edged Weapons at Antiqueguns.com lists a variety of swords of all regions

Ames Sword Co a US sword maker starting in 1791 and still making swords.

Michael D. Long, Ltd. dealer in a wide variety of antique edged weapons.
Javascript required (England)

Weyersberg, Kirschbaum and Cie - home of the famous Solingen, sword manufacturer. (Germany)

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