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DISCLAIMER: The sites linked below are provided solely as a convenience. The accuracy of the information contained on these sites has not been verified. Most sites try to provide accurate information; however, translation difficulties and various levels of knowledge by the writers play a significant role in the accuracy of the information contained on these sites. This is true for all sites on the Internet - in all subject areas.

This site does not endorse any site or product listed on any linked site.


iaidoka The Book of Five Rings (Go Rin No Sho) - the full text of the Japanese classic on sword combat and martial arts strategy by Miyamoto Musashi.

Electronic Journal of Martial Arts and Sciences covers a wide range of martial arts with articles, online store, discussion groups and more.

Toryu-Mon - Eishin Ryu Iaido.

Sei Do Kai (Iaido at Univ. of Guelph) - publishes online newsletter and has FTP site. One of the top iaido sites.

Iaido Glossary by Iai Sensei Kim Taylor; terminology for iaido, kata, swords, dojo rules and more.

Southern California Naginata Federation - site has loads of information on all aspects of naginata, blade construction polishing, saya making and more. The most complete site on all things naginata.

British Kendo Association - official site on all aspects of British kendo; articles on kendo and Japanese swordsmanship.

U. S. Kendo Federation - The official site for all aspects of kendo in the United States.

FURYU - online Budo journal of classical martial arts.

Kyudo.com - all things related to Japanese style archery (kyudo). Major site on Japanese archery

Yushinkan Iaido Hilversum - Iaido dojo in the Netherlands; English and Dutch language versions of site.

Al Bower's Japanese Sword Arts - All varieties of Japanese sword arts.

Shinkendo Federation - Information on all aspects of shinkendo practice as taught by Sensei Toshihiro Obata.

NY Naginata and Iaido Club sponsors training seminars on use of the naginata and practice of iaido.


NOTE: Some of these sites offer polishing and restoration services for martial arts swords.
This grade of polishing is generally not appropriate for and may damage antique swords.
See the commercial sites on the sword links page for polishing and restoration of antique swords.

Fred Lohman has replica replacement parts for Japanese swords and sword restoration materials and services.

Sei Do Kai Supplies carries iaito, shinken, sword supplies, etc. for martial arts use.
Site operated by the Univ. of Guelph Sei Do Kai Iaido group.

The Jidai - Bushido, Japanese culture, iaido and the Japanese sword.
Article on sword making. Sells iaito and other martial arts equipment. (Japan).

Ryu-Ken - modern reproduction tsuba made in Japan. Classic sukashi, katchushi and tosho designs.
Site is in Japanese

Tameshigiri.com - Mugen Dachi Co. - sells mats for cutting practice.

Legacy Swords offers high grade reproduction sword fittings.

Nishijin Sword sells iaito, shinsakuto, sword supplies, sword stands and replica fittings

Sakura Martial Arts Supply handles full line of practice swords, martial arts equipment and supplies.
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